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  Pyrotechnics / Fireworks

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For more information about the program,  email the Division of Fire Prevention.


Pyrotechnic Distributors and Operator Licensing


No Pyrotechnic Distributor or Pyrotechnic Operator applications received from an applicant for the first time during the period of June 15, 2015 through July 4, 2015 will be processed prior to July 4, 2015. No temporary authorizations to act as a pyrotechnic Distributor or pyrotechnic Operator will be issued during the period of June 15 – July 4, 2015. Applications received prior to June 15, 2015 and renewal applications will be processed during this period in the normal course of business and in the order in which they are received. NO EXCEPTIONS




Consumer Fireworks Distributors


If you are applying to register as a Consumer Distributor for the 2015 Fireworks season, please note you must apply prior to June 15, 2015. No applications will be processed after that date. NO EXCEPTIONS


  Fireworks - Notice to Municipalities [PDF, 358Kb]


  Fireworks - Notice to Law Enforcement Agencies [PDF, 144Kb]



  Illinois Display Report [PDF 287Kb]

The Illinois Display Report has been updated. A separate display report must be submitted for each display event. Old reports received after June 1st, 2015 will be returned.


  Indoor Proximate Audience Inspection Checklist [PDF, 40KB]


  FAQ's Consumer Fireworks [PDF, 22Kb]

Pyrotechnic Authorized Distributors and Operators

  List of Pyrotechnic Authorized Distributors and Operators [PDF, 64Kb]

Registered Consumer Retailers

  List of Registered Consumer Retailers [PDF, 25Kb]

Registered Pyrotechnic Assistants

  List of Registered Pyrotechnic Assistants [PDF, 176Kb]


A display permit must be obtained from local authorities for all firework displays, except no permit shall be required for supervised public displays by State or County fair associations.


Pyrotechnic Distributor and Operator Licensing Act and Fireworks Use Act Complaint Form

  Pyrotechnic Distributor and Operator Licensing Act and Fireworks Use Act Complaint Form [PDF, 179Kb]

Consumer Fireworks Training

  Fireworks Training (Power Point, 14 Mb)

Approved and Prohibited Fireworks

  Approved and Prohibited Fireworks [PDF, 26Kb]

Policy Interpretation

  Galvanized Steel Slings [PDF, 14Kb]