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  UST Notifications

Notice: Online Contractor Licensing Information

Posted: 5/16/2017
As you know, Petroleum & Chemical Safety has been converting our once-paper processes and forms to online and digital processes and forms for some time now. The latest process to undergo this conversion is UST Contractor licensing. On June 1, 2017 P&CS will launch an online process whereby licensed contractors and applicants will be able to. . .

  • Apply for new UST contractor licensure with our office online
  • Renew an existing UST contractor license online
  • Pay for either of those with a credit card, debit card, or eCheck
  • Update employee certification online and submit documentation as a PDF attachment
  • Update contractor liability insurance policy information online

For assistance you will find a link to a help document on the Licensing start page and, as always, there is a help feature at the top right of every page in the portal. Additionally, you can email P&CS here.

Notice: Change of Ownership Form

Posted: 8/22/2016
A new one-page Notification Form is now available on the Applications and Forms page. It should only to be used to report changes in ownership to OSFM. Use the link below to read more. . .


 One-page Change of Ownership Form Notice

USEPA Notice regarding diesel tank corrosion

Use this link to go to articles from USEPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) about recent findings pertaining to corrosion found inside tanks and systems storing diesel fuel:


The article also includes a link to corrosion related information pertaining to ethanol blends.

Notice Regarding Shear Valve Mounting Reference Points

This notice is regarding resurfacing islands and the shear valve mounting reference points


  Click here for the entire text of this document

Notice of Shear Valve Top Replacement Policy Change

When only the top of a shear valve is replaced, and not the entire shear valve, this activity will now be treated as a Like for Like replacement. Please see document below for the entire text of the new Policy/Interpretation covering this change


 Shear Valve Top Replacement Policy


Notice of Violation (NOV)

A new Notice of Violation (NOV) for specific Operator Certification deficiencies will be written beginning Friday, April 1, 2016. Instead of the 60 day compliance period allowed for correcting violations, this new Operator Certification NOV will lead to immediate red tagging of USTs at the facility when any of the listed violations are found. Immediate red tagging will only be done when the Operator Certification NOV is issued. UST NOVs will continue to have a 60 day compliance period.


 Notice of Red Tag Operators.pdf


Revised Federal UST Regulations Effective 10/13/2015

US EPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) released revised UST regulations on July 15, 2015. The new regulations become effective 90 days following that release date, which is 10/13/2015. Several of the revised requirements are already covered by the current Illinois UST regulations, while some of the revisions to federal regulations will require revisions to our state UST regulations. For the full document, click on this link:


 Immediate USEPA Rule Changes.pdf