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Public School Inspection Program

Tier 2 Public School Inspection Training Program

The new program offers an alternative pathway to become a qualified public school inspector with the OSFM. The program consists of the following: online coursework, in person class time, and shadowing a current Tier 1 inspector during public school inspections. Fire service personnel can become qualified public school inspectors if 1) they are assigned as a fire inspector or a fire officer on their fire department or fire protection district, 2) they complete both online and in-person class, and 3) they shadow with a Tier 1 inspector the inspection of a high school and a grade school, and possibly more schools until the Tier 1 inspector determines proficiency.


OSFM Public School Inspection Program  Tier 2 Training Announcement


To begin the Tier 2 program, please  click here to register for the Tier 2 online coursework. After registering, you should receive a response within 5 business days.

Upcoming Public School Inspection Classes


Wednesday, October 19th at 8:30 am - Morton Grove, IL, Cook County

Morton Grove Fire Department (Station #4)

6250 Lincoln Avenue

Morton Grove, IL 60053

Note: There is a limit on available parking. Please car pool if you are attending with other members of your department and park in the department lot. The main entrance is located at the northwest corner of the building and the training room is in the basement level. Any questions about directions or parking, please call 847-470-5226.



The OSFM will be using a new submission process for inspection reports effective September 1. The new procedure will be covered during this class. More information about the new submission process is also available in the IMPORTANT NOTICE box below.



To register as a Tier 1 Inspector, please send:


  • Your Name
  • Department Name
  • A copy of your qualifying certificate (any of the following): OSFM Fire Officer I, OSFM Fire Prevention Officer I, OSFM Fire Inspector 1, NFPA Fire Inspector I, or ICC Fire Inspector 1
  • A letter from your department chief stating that you are allowed to take the class and will be conducting public school inspections in your area after you’ve taken the class
  • A list of all the public schools in your jurisdiction (that you will be inspecting) and their addresses



To register as a Tier 2 Inspector, please send:


  • Your Name
  • Department Name
  • A letter from your department Chief stating that you are assigned as a fire inspector or a fire officer on your department and will be conducting public school inspections in your area after you’ve taken the class


Please indicate that you are registering as a Tier 2 Inspector


Contact Katherine Nunes at 312-814-8959, or by e-mail, with any questions or to register.

Public School Inspection Requirements

In accordance with state statute and Illinois administrative code, local inspectors are authorized to conduct annual fire safety inspections in Illinois public school buildings. The below documents pertain to the inspection of public school buildings by representatives of local units of government.

As a reminder, local inspectors must comply with prerequisite certification requirements as well as attend classroom instruction by the OSFM prior to being recognized as being able to conduct public school inspections within their jurisdictions. A list of those individuals that have met all necessary prerequisites and are registered with the OSFM to perform local public school inspections can be accessed below.

The following documents include both the "new fire service" as well as the "ROE/Regional Office of Education" checklist for conducting public school inspections (local inspectors may use either checklist for conducting public school inspections) as well as the accompanying explanatory glossary that can be used with either checklist. The PowerPoint presentation used during classroom presentations is also available on this page.

All materials for class must be downloaded and/or printed out from the documents available below. Please bring:



Note: Local inspectors who have attended a previous OSFM public school inspection class do not need to attend class on an annual basis but are welcome to attend.


Specific questions regarding the public school inspection program and applicable codes should be emailed to the Technical Services Division, or please call 312/814-2425.


Public School Inspection Program


If you are one of the local jurisdictions that is participating in the public school inspection program we want to thank you for this participation and your effort to be active in your community’s public schools. We think this program provides many additional benefits for the departments that participate by getting to know the school staff, providing an opportunity to exchange information and identify priorities that are important not only for the safety of the school but the response of emergency services.


In our effort to improve the tracking of these public school inspections and in accordance with the Illinois Administrative Code, Title 41, Section 111.90 b) which requires that inspection reports for public schools to be submitted to the Fire Prevention Division of the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) we are requiring these reports to be submitted electronically. This submission requirement is in addition to the requirement to submit inspection reports to the appropriate Regional Office of Education or for schools in Cook County the Intermediate Service Center.


Beginning September 1, 2016 local fire departments that perform public school inspections shall submit their inspection reports through the Mobile Eyes Inspection Portal utilizing the most up to date and current Public School Inspection ROE Checklist OR the Fire Service Checklist. These two checklists and forms are updated and changed annually. The links below provide documents which explain the process for setting up your login account along with instructions on how to submit your inspections. The Mobile Eyes Help Desk (866-442-9002) is available from 8 AM to 9 PM for those that experience trouble with this process.


This internet based portal is no cost to the users and will be easier and less expensive than printing a copy and mailing in reports. It saves us time and manpower needed to process mailed paper reports and puts them into an electronic document storage system.


Once again we appreciate the efforts of the local fire departments that do these inspections and hope this new process will make things easier for the local inspector and our office.


 Public School Account Login Procedures


 Public School Inspection Submission Procedures


 Public School Portal Procedures

Qualified School Inspector List

Qualified School Inspectors
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