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Public School Inspection Program

In accordance with state statute and Illinois administrative code, local inspectors are authorized to conduct annual fire safety inspections in Illinois public school buildings. The below documents pertain to the inspection of public school buildings by representatives of local units of government.

As a reminder, local inspectors must comply with prerequisite certification requirements as well as attend classroom instruction by the OSFM prior to being recognized as being able to conduct public school inspections within their jurisdictions. A list of those individuals that have met all necessary prerequisites and are registered with the OSFM to perform local public school inspections can be accessed below.

The following documents include both the "new fire service" as well as the "ROE/Regional Office of Education" checklist for conducting public school inspections (local inspectors may use either checklist for conducting public school inspections) as well as the accompanying explanatory glossary that can be used with either checklist. The PowerPoint presentation used during classroom presentations is also available on this page.

For local inspectors who will be attending an upcoming mandatory OSFM classroom presentation relative to conducting inspections in public schools, you must download, print and bring to class the following materials (all accessible from this page):

Note: Local inspectors who have attended a previous OSFM public school inspection class need not attend class on an annual basis to apply either the newly developed "Fire Service" version of the public school checklist or the revised version of the ROE checklist as modifications should be self-evident.

Specific questions regarding the public school inspection program and applicable codes should be emailed to the Technical Services Division, or please call 312/814-2425 or 312/814-8960.

To register for an upcoming OSFM public school inspection training class please contact emailed to Training Request, or please call at 217/558-0638

Qualified School Inspector List

Qualified School Inspectors [PDF, 321Kb]