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Illinois General Law and Section: Title 41: Fire Protection Chapter I: State Fire Marshal Part 109 Fire Sprinkler Contractor Licensing Rules

Purpose of License:
The purpose of this "Part" is to regulate persons engaged in the business of planning, selling, installing, maintaining, or servicing fire protection sprinkler systems, in the interest of safeguarding lives and property.


Who should have one?
This "Part" shall apply to all individuals and businesses who desire to engage in fire sprinkler contracting in this State, except as otherwise exempted in Section 15(i) of the Act.

How is this license obtained?
You must successfully complete and submit an application.


Apply or Renew Licenses online through e-PAY. To register, click on the link below.

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Notice for Extension of Compliance to the Fire Sprinkler Dormitory Act

Applications and Licensees

Licensed Fire Sprinkler Contractors

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Licensing Act Complaint Form

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Approved List of Continuing Education Providers for Fire Sprinkler Contractors