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Municipalities - List and Notices


Any municipality or county that chooses to inspect, license or otherwise regulate conveyances must apply to the Office of the State Fire Marshal for approval of their local program. Please refer to the Elevator Safety and Regulation Act (225 ILCS 312/140) for additional guidelines.

Memorandum Regarding OSFM Inspection Forms Posted 070714 [PDF, 49Kb]
Memorandum to Municipalities with Illinois Elevator Safety Program Agreements [PDF, 49Kb]

Administrative Rule Update Notification Letter 10-10-12 [PDF, 101Kb]
Cover Letter and Checklist 10-10-12 (PDF, 171KB)
Municipality Program Agreement 10-10-12 (PDF, 142KB)
Municipality Notice - New Technology - 11-9-10 (PDF, 12KB)
Municipalities with State Agreements - Pricing - 11-19-08- Final Version [PDF, 122KB]
Witness Fee Letter to Municipalities - 3-31-11 [PDF, 53KB]
Exceptions Granted by Local Administrators as of 7/28/11 [PDF, 46Kb]

Notice on New Technology

Please be advised that the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Company will present information to the Elevator Safety Review Board regarding New Technology (Endura Machine Room-Less Elevator System). For more information on this presentation, please see the link below.

New Technology Memorandum for Thyssenkrupp Elevator Company [PDF, 41Kb]

Building Owners

In accordance with the Elevator Safety and Regulation Act (225 ILCS 312/120), you are required to have the conveyance inspected annually by a State of Illinois Licensed Elevator Inspector. If the conveyance(s) are covered under a Local Municipality Conveyance Safety Inspection Program, please contact your local authorities for inspection and certification procedural requirements. Otherwise you will need to contact a State of Illinois Licensed Elevator Inspector (PDF, 29KB) to arrange for an inspection.

Municipality Agreements [PDF, 300Kb]