Illinois NFIRS - Fire Departments Not Compliant with Reporting as of 2-6-2012
FDID Fire Department Name Fire Chief City Zip County Status
AA134 Clayton Fire Protection District Samuel Miller Clayton 62324 Adams Not Compliant
AA143 Golden Fire Protection District Leslie Post Golden 62339 Adams Not Reported
AA164 Lima-Tioga-Sutter Fire Protection District Keith Fuller Lima 62348 Adams Not Compliant
AA174 Loraine Fire Protection District Larry Trautvetter Loraine 62349 Adams Not Compliant
AB121 Cairo Fire Department John Meyer Cairo 62914 Alexander Not Compliant
AB134 East Cape-McClure Volunteer Fire Protection District Stanley Mouser Mc Clure 62957 Alexander Not Compliant
AB154 Thebes Volunteer Fire Department Reuban Hull Thebes 62990 Alexander Not Compliant
BB123 Boone Fire Protection District 1 Gregory Holmes Capron 61012 Boone Not Compliant
BD114 Arlington Fire Protection District Steven Stremlau Arlington 61312 Bureau Not Reported
BD123 Buda Fire Protection District Jeffrey Bitting Buda 61314 Bureau Not Reported
BD154 Dalzell Fire Protection District Rich Croissant Dalzell 61320 Bureau Not Reported
BD224 Neponset Fire Protection District Larry Mueller Neponset 61345 Bureau Not Compliant
BD263 Sheffield Fire Protection District Andrew Lanxon Sheffield 61361 Bureau Not Compliant
CA113 Point Fire Protection District Don Seiferman Brussels 62013 Calhoun Not Compliant
CA123 Hardin Fire Protection District Robert Lorsbach Hardin 62047 Calhoun Not Compliant
CA133 North Calhoun Fire Protection District Debbie Hall Hamburg 62045 Calhoun Not Compliant
CA143 Richwood Fire Protection District Robert Snyder Batchtown 62006 Calhoun Not Compliant
CB143 Mt Carroll Fire Protection District Russell Handel Mount Carroll 61053 Carroll Not Compliant
CB174 Shannon Fire Protection District James Klinefelter Shannon 61078 Carroll Not Reported
CD178 Carroll Fire Protection District David Lawrence Urbana 61801 Champaign Not Compliant
CD264 Ogden-Royal Fire Protection District John Bensyl Royal 61871 Champaign Not Reported
CD324 St Joseph-Stanton Fire Protection District Russell Chism St Joseph 61873 Champaign Not Compliant
CD364 Sidney Fire Protection District Danny Ennis Sidney 61877 Champaign Not Compliant
CE168 Mt Auburn Fire Protection District Terry Buzzard Mount Auburn 62547 Christian Not Compliant
CE213 Midland Fire Protection District James Dulakis Kincaid 62540 Christian Not Reported
CF154 Westfield Fire Protection District Stuart Goble Westfield 62474 Clark Not Compliant
CG114 Clay City Fire Department Philip Brown Clay City 62824 Clay Not Compliant
CG124 Flora Volunteer Fire Department Bruce Dickey Flora 62839 Clay Not Compliant
CH124 Aviston Fire Protection District Allan Billhartz Aviston 62216 Clinton Not Compliant
CH163 Germantown Rural Fire Protection District Jeff Kampwerth Germantown 62245 Clinton Not Compliant
CJ134 Cooks Mills Fire Protection District James Hilgenberg Humboldt 61931 Coles Not Compliant
CJ144 Humboldt Community Fire Protection District William Cobb Jr. Humboldt 61931 Coles Not Compliant
CJ174 Lincoln Fire Protection District Robert Ratliff Jr. Charleston 61920 Coles Not Compliant
CJ193 Oakland Fire Protection District Jamie Harris Oakland 61943 Coles Not Compliant
CN372 Northfield Fire Department Michael Nystrand Northfield 60093 Cook Not Reported
CS111 Oak Lawn Fire Department George Sheets Oak Lawn 60453 Cook Not Compliant
CS302 Chicago Heights Fire Department James Angell Chicago Heights 60411 Cook Not Compliant
CS368 Dolton Fire Department Jerry McCullough Dolton 60419 Cook Not Compliant
CS372 Ford Heights Volunteer Fire Department Gregory Dillard Ford Heights 60411 Cook Not Compliant
CS422 Forest View Fire Department Randal Kappmeyer Forest View 60402 Cook Not Compliant
CS484 Holbrook Fire Protection District Chicago Heights 60411 Cook Not Reported
CS504 Homewood Acres Fire Department Edward Boomsma Homewood 60430 Cook Not Reported
CS691 Oak Park Fire Department Thomas Ebsen Oak Park 60302 Cook Not Compliant
CS863 Summit Volunteer Fire Department Robert Wasko Summit 60501 Cook Not Compliant
CS883 Tinley Park Fire Department Kenneth Dunn Tinley Park 60477 Cook Not Compliant
CS892 Westchester Fire Department James Adams Westchester 60154 Cook Not Compliant
CS955 Oak Forest Hospital Fire Department Sidney Kelly Oak Forest 60452 Cook Not Compliant
DA134 Kirkland Community Fire Protection District Chad Connell Kirkland 60146 De Kalb Not Compliant
DB112 Clinton Volunteer Fire Department Shawn Milton Clinton 61727 Dewitt Not Compliant
DB163 Weldon Community Fire Protection District Larry Helton Weldon 61882 Dewitt Not Compliant
DC114 Arcola Fire Department Douglas Myers Arcola 61910 Douglas Not Compliant
DC143 Hindsboro Community Fire Protection District Steve Beaty Hindsboro 61930 Douglas Not Reported
DD202 Bloomingdale Fire Protection District Michael McNamara Bloomingdale 60108 Du Page Not Compliant
DD312 Lombard Fire Department Michael Torrence Lombard 60148 Du Page Not Compliant
EA114 Brocton Fire Protection District Richard Hood Brocton 61917 Edgar Not Compliant
EA153 Kansas Fire Protection District Kirk Allen Kansas 61933 Edgar Not Compliant
EA163 Metcalf Fire Protection District John Morris Metcalf 61940 Edgar Not Compliant
EA170 Vermilion Fire Department Michael Graham Vermilion 61955 Edgar Not Reported
EB133 Browns Volunteer Fire Department Dean Thomason Browns 62818 Edwards Not Compliant
EC173 Shumway Fire Protection District Joe Kemme Effingham 62401 Effingham Not Compliant
FA144 St Elmo Fire Protection District Douglas Engeljohn St Elmo 62458 Fayette Not Reported
FB133 Kempton Fire Protection District Donath English, Jr Kempton 60946 Ford Not Compliant
FB163 Piper City Fire Protection District Anthony Lane Piper City 60959 Ford Not Reported
FB174 Roberts - Melvin Fire Protection District Russell Stevens Roberts 60962 Ford Not Compliant
FB183 Sullivant Township Fire Protection District Randy Meyer Sibley 61773 Ford Not Compliant
FC142 Christopher Fire Department Charles Lutes Christopher 62822 Franklin Not Compliant
FC184 Cave Eastern Fire Protection District Trevor Cardwell Thompsonville 62890 Franklin Not Compliant
FC194 Valier Fire Department Mike Gulley Valier 62891 Franklin Not Compliant
FC211 West Frankfort Fire Department Wesley Taylor West Frankfort 62896 Franklin Not Compliant
FD203 Fairview Fire Protection District Mark Hanlin Fairview 61432 Fulton Not Reported
FD214 Farmington Fire Department Michael Peterson Farmington 61531 Fulton Not Compliant
FD263 London Mills Community Fire Protection District Rich Anderson London Mills 61544 Fulton Not Compliant
FD293 Vermont Fire Protection District Randall Snowden Vermont 61484 Fulton Not Compliant
GA124 New Haven Fire Department Daniel McGuire New Haven 62867 Gallatin Not Compliant
GA133 New Shawneetown Fire Department Terry Golden Shawneetown 62984 Gallatin Not Reported
GA144 Old Shawneetown Volunteer Fire Department Benny Tanner Shawneetown 62984 Gallatin Not Reported
GA154 Omaha Fire Department Sean Martin Omaha 62871 Gallatin Not Compliant
GA164 Ridgway Fire Department John Hish Ridgway 62979 Gallatin Not Reported
GB144 Greenfield Volunteer Fire Protection District Warren Vetter Greenfield 62044 Greene Not Compliant
GB154 Hillview Fire Department Gary Sheppard Hillview 62050 Greene Not Reported
GC114 Braceville Fire Department John Trofimchuck Braceville 60407 Grundy Not Compliant
GC154 Minooka Fire Department Almer Yancey, Jr. Minooka 60447 Grundy Not Compliant
GC184 Verona-Kinsman Fire Protection District Paul Anderson Verona 60479 Grundy Not Compliant
GC199 Equistar Fire Department John Grimmenga Morris 60450 Grundy Not Reported
HB133 Carthage Fire Department Scott Carle Carthage 62321 Hancock Not Compliant
HB143 Dallas City Rural Fire Protection District Carl Thompson Lomax 61454 Hancock Not Reported
HB183 Tri-County Fire Protection District Mark Kelly Plymouth 62367 Hancock Not Compliant
HB193 Warsaw Volunteer Fire Department Steven Siegrist Warsaw 62379 Hancock Not Reported
HB203 West Point Fire Protection District Steve Shoopman West Point 62380 Hancock Not Compliant
HC114 Cave-In-Rock Fire Department Bradley Dutton Cave In Rock 62919 Hardin Not Reported
HC124 Elizabethtown Fire Department Eddie Conkle Elizabethtown 62931 Hardin Not Reported
HD123 Gulfport-Gladstone Fire Protection District David Stewart Gladstone 61437 Henderson Not Reported
HD154 Media-Stronghurst-Terre Haute FPD J. Eisenmayer Stronghurst 61480 Henderson Not Reported
HE123 Annawan-Alba Fire Protection District Lynn Neuleib Annawan 61234 Henry Not Reported
HE133 Atkinson Fire Protection District Robert Floming Atkinson 61235 Henry Not Compliant
HE233 Orion Fire Protection District Dan Myers Orion 61273 Henry Not Compliant
IA133 Beaverville Fire Protection District Vernon Grohler Beaverville 60912 Iroquois Not Compliant
IA153 Chebanse Township Rural Fire Protection District Michael Thompson Clifton 60927 Iroquois Not Compliant
IA163 Cissna Park Fire Protection District Joe Young Cissna Park 60924 Iroquois Not Compliant
IA184 Concord Fire Protection District David Faupel Iroquois 60945 Iroquois Not Reported
IA202 Danforth Fire Protection District Gary Perzee Danforth 60930 Iroquois Not Reported
IA252 Milford Fire Protection District Frank Hines Milford 60953 Iroquois Not Compliant
IA302 Stockland Fire Protection District David Morgeson Stockland 60967 Iroquois Not Compliant
JA124 Ava Volunteer Fire Department Ava 62907 Jackson Not Compliant
JA164 Dowell Fire Department David Hock Dowell 62927 Jackson Not Compliant
JA173 Elkville Fire Department Kevin Wright Elkville 62932 Jackson Not Compliant
JA184 Gorham Fire Department Rodney Mifflin Gorham 62940 Jackson Not Compliant
JA253 Murphysboro-Pomona-Somerset William Bateman Murphysboro 62966 Jackson Not Compliant
JB114 Crooked Creek Fire Protection District Bret Bierman Hidalgo 62432 Jasper Not Reported
JB144 Willow Hill Volunteer Fire Department Randy Smith Willow Hill 62480 Jasper Not Compliant
JB154 Yale Volunteer Fire Department Sanford Andrews Yale 62481 Jasper Not Reported
JC124 Weber Township Fire Protection District Marion Sneed Jr Bluford 62814 Jefferson Not Reported
JF114 Belknap Fire Department Darrell Ballard Belknap 62908 Johnson Not Compliant
JF138 Cypress Volunteer Fire Department Ronald Schultz Cypress 62923 Johnson Not Compliant
JF164 New Burnside Fire Protection District Billy Dalton New Burnside 62967 Johnson Not Reported
JF184 Lake Egypt Fire Protection District Kirby Crites Marion 62959 Williamson Not Compliant
KA132 Batavia Fire Department Randy Deicke Batavia 60510 Kane Not Compliant
KA243 Maple Park-Countryside Fire Protection District Kevin Peterson Maple Park 60151 Kane Not Compliant
KA373 Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District Gregory Benson St Charles 60175 Kane Not Compliant
KB163 Cabery Fire Protection District Josh Dyrby Cabery 60919 Kankakee Not Compliant
KB173 Otto Township Fire Protection District Jay Hansen Chebanse 60922 Iroquois Not Reported
KB184 Essex Fire Protection District Austin Vining Essex 60935 Kankakee Not Compliant
KB274 Pembroke Township Fire Protection District Mark Baines Hopkins Park 60944 Kankakee Not Reported
KB294 Reddick Fire Protection District Donald Feller Reddick 60961 Kankakee Not Compliant
KB303 St Anne Fire Protection District John Boomsma St Anne 60964 Kankakee Not Compliant
KC124 Lisbon-Seward Fire Protection District 1 David Holman Newark 60541 Kendall Not Compliant
LA138 Beach Park Fire Department Paul Tierney Beach Park 60087 Lake Not Compliant
LB294 Rutland Fire Protection District William Stephens Rutland 61358 La Salle Not Reported
LB394 Wallace Fire Protection District Ottawa 61350 La Salle Not Reported
LD123 Ashton Fire Protection District Harold Ebens Jr Ashton 61006 Lee Not Compliant
LE134 Cornell Volunteer Fire Department Mike Ruddy Cornell 61319 Livingston Not Compliant
LE204 Long Point Community Fire Protection District Daniel Beutke Long Point 61333 Livingston Not Compliant
LE302 Pontiac Rural Fire Protection District John Cummins Jr. Pontiac 61764 Livingston Not Reported
LF124 Beason Volunteer Fire Department James Hubrich Beason 62512 Logan Not Compliant
LF144 Chestnut Volunteer Fire Department 2 Scott Johnson Chestnut 62518 Logan Not Reported
LF154 Elkhart Rural Fire Protection District Elkhart 62634 Logan Not Compliant
LF174 Hartsburg Fire Protection District Phillip Langley, Sr. Hartsburg 62643 Logan Not Reported
LF184 Latham Fire Protection District Kenneth Crosier Latham 62543 Logan Not Compliant
LF201 Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District Chad Letterle Lincoln 62656 Logan Not Compliant
LF234 Cornland 3 Volunteer Fire Department Cornland 62519 Logan Not Reported
MA133 Blue Mound Community Rural Fire Protection District John Holmgren, Jr. Blue Mound 62513 Macon Not Compliant
MA202 South Macon Fire Protection District Royall Crawford Macon 62544 Macon Not Reported
MB184 Hettick Volunteer Fire Department Curt Meisenheimer Hettick 62649 Macoupin Not Compliant
MB224 Palmyra Volunteer Fire Department Butch Probes Palmyra 62674 Macoupin Not Compliant
MB244 Scottville-Modesto Rural Fire Protection District Michael Butcher Modesto 62667 Macoupin Not Reported
MC204 Troy Fire Protection District Richard McCurdy Troy 62294 Madison Not Compliant
MC214 Cottage Hills Fire Protection District Robert Simmons Cottage Hills 62018 Madison Not Compliant
MC233 Alhambra Community Fire Protection District Allan Daiber Alhambra 62001 Madison Not Compliant
MC308 Fosterburg Fire Protection District John Holtorf Alton 62002 Madison Not Compliant
MC373 Madison Fire Department Jeffery Bridick Madison 62060 Madison Not Compliant
MC442 Roxana Fire Department Daryl Trask Roxana 62084 Madison Not Compliant
MC482 Venice Fire Department Thomas Brent Venice 62090 Madison Not Compliant
MC514 Holiday Shores Fire Protection District Dana Blotevogel Edwardsville 62025 Madison Not Compliant
MD123 Centralia Fire Protection District Gregory Earle Centralia 62801 Marion Not Compliant
MD144 Kell Community Fire Protection District Lonnie McDaneld Kell 62853 Marion Not Reported
MF113 Bath Fire Protection District Gary Atherton Bath 62617 Mason Not Compliant
MF170 Forest City Fire Protection District Danny Beal Forest City 61532 Mason Not Reported
MF193 Ridge-Lake Fire District Lloyd Friedrich Topeka 61567 Mason Not Compliant
MG114 Brookport Fire Department Bill Copley Brookport 62910 Massac Not Compliant
MH114 Bardolph Fire Protection District Bardolph 61416 McDonough Not Reported
MH153 Colchester Fire Protection District Stephen Carson Colchester 62326 McDonough Not Compliant
MH193 New Salem Fire Protection District Rex Still Adair 61411 McDonough Not Compliant
MJ183 Hebron-Alden-Greenwood Fire Protection District Scott Mullis Hebron 600340345 McHenry Not Compliant
MJ202 Marengo Fire Protection District Robert Bradbury Marengo 60152 McHenry Not Compliant
MK123 Arrowsmith Fire Department Gregory Garlock Arrowsmith 61722 McLean Not Compliant
MK204 Octavia Fire Protection District - Cropsey Pat Harmet Cropsey 61731 McLean Not Compliant
MK283 Hudson Community Fire Protection District Daniel Hite Hudson 61748 McLean Not Compliant
MK363 Allin Township Fire Protection District Josh Deterding Stanford 61774 McLean Not Compliant
ML123 Fancy Prairie Volunteer Fire Department Terry Miller Fancy Prairie 62637 Menard Not Reported
ML144 Oakford Fire Department Benjamin Sutton Oakford 62673 Menard Not Compliant
ML163 Tallula Fire Department David King Tallula 62688 Menard Not Compliant
MM113 Aledo Fire Protection District Dennis Litwiler Aledo 61231 Mercer Not Compliant
MM168 New Boston-Eliza Fire Protection District Jerry Hartman New Boston 61272 Mercer Not Compliant
MN118 Columbia Volunteer Fire Department Michael Roediqer Columbia 62236 Monroe Not Compliant
MP173 Irving Volunteer Fire Department Billy Tolliver Irving 62051 Montgomery Not Reported
MP234 Taylor Springs Volunteer Fire Department Dennis Jagodzinski Taylor Springs 62089 Montgomery Not Compliant
MQ124 Alexander Fire Department Gary Strawn Alexander 62601 Morgan Not Compliant
MQ154 Franklin Fire Protection District Gerald Wilson Franklin 62638 Morgan Not Compliant
MR113 Arthur Fire Department-Fire Protection District Christopher Helton Arthur 61911 Moultrie Not Compliant
MR123 Bethany Fire Protection District Aaron McReynolds Bethany 61914 Moultrie Not Compliant
MR134 Dora Township Fire Protection District Tim Houk Dalton City 61925 Moultrie Not Compliant
OA133 Forreston Fire Protection District Jim Daws Forreston 61030 Ogle Not Compliant
OA184 Ogle-Lee Fire Protection District Brian Johnson Rochelle 61068 Ogle Not Reported
OA212 Rochelle Fire Department Brian Johnson Rochelle 61068 Ogle Not Compliant
PA224 Peoria Heights Fire Department Norman Reichert Peoria Heights 61614 Peoria Not Reported
PB122 DuQuoin Fire Department Robert Shaw Jr. Duquoin 62832 Perry Not Compliant
PB154 Willisville Fire Department Alan Arndt Willisville 62997 Perry Not Reported
PC128 Cerro Gordo Fire Protection District Cerro Gordo 61818 Piatt Not Compliant
PC138 Cisco Fire Protection District Ron Weishaar Cisco 61830 Piatt Not Compliant
PC198 Monticello Fire And Rescue Rick Dubson Monticello 61856 Piatt Not Compliant
PD184 New Canton Fire Protection District Timothy Bordewick New Canton 62356 Pike Not Compliant
PD223 Pleasant Hill Fire Protection District Charles Prater, Jr. Pleasant Hill 62366 Pike Not Compliant
PF114 Grand Chain Volunteer Fire Department Toby Oliver Grand Chain 62941 Pulaski Not Compliant
PF124 Karnak Volunteer Fire Department Joey Dunkin Karnak 62956 Pulaski Not Compliant
PF134 Mound City Fire Department Johnnie Coonrod Mound City 62963 Pulaski Not Compliant
PF144 Mounds Volunteer Fire Department William Wood Mounds 62964 Pulaski Not Reported
PF153 Olmsted Volunteer Fire Department David Sharp Olmsted 62970 Pulaski Not Reported
PF163 Pulaski Fire Department Ryan Thurston Pulaski 62976 Pulaski Not Reported
PF178 Ullin Fire Department Jack Elliot Ullin 62992 Pulaski Not Compliant
PG143 Mark Fire Department Mark 61340 Putnam Not Reported
PG153 McNabb Fire Protection District Bradley Popurella McNabb 61335 Putnam Not Compliant
RB124 Claremont-Bonpas Fire Department Randy Phillips Claremont 62421 Richland Not Compliant
RB134 Noble Wakefield Fire Protection District David Klingler Noble 62868 Richland Not Compliant
RC144 Buffalo Prairie Community Fire Protection District Mike Miers Buffalo Prairie 61237 Rock Island Not Reported
RC174 Coal Valley Fire Protection District David Dunham Coal Valley 61240 Rock Island Not Compliant
RC200 East Moline Correctional Center Fire Department Pat Shull East Moline 61244 Rock Island Not Reported
RC211 East Moline Rural Fire Protection District East Moline 61244 Rock Island Not Reported
RC243 Hampton Fire Department Timothy Saul, Jr. Hampton 61256 Rock Island Not Compliant
RC253 Hillsdale Fire Protection District Kevin Lecleir Hillsdale 61257 Rock Island Not Compliant
RC264 Illinois City Community Fire Protection District Rex Danner Illinois City 61259 Rock Island Not Reported
RC294 Andalusia Fire Protection District Gary Bower Andalusia 61232 Rock Island Not Reported
SA134 Galatia Volunteer Fire Department Galatia 62935 Saline Not Compliant
SB123 Auburn Fire & Rescue District Joseph Powell Auburn 62615 Sangamon Not Compliant
SB244 Riverton Area Fire Protection District Louis Rogers Riverton 62561 Sangamon Not Compliant
SC134 Industry Fire Protection District Leslie Heffner Littleton 61452 Schuyler Not Reported
SC153 Schuyler County Fire Protection District William White Rushville 62681 Schuyler Not Reported
SD133 Winchester Volunteer Fire Department Paul Rueter Winchester 62694 Scott Not Compliant
SE183 Strasburg Fire Protection District Larry Giertz Strasburg 62465 Shelby Not Compliant
SE203 Windsor Volunteer Fire Department Rick Allen Windsor 61957 Shelby Not Compliant
SE213 Oconee Fire Department Steve Hoehn Oconee 62553 Shelby Not Compliant
SF124 Lafayette Community Fire Protection District Craig Schierer Lafayette 61449 Stark Not Compliant
SG128 Alorton Volunteer Fire Department Isaas Turner Alorton 62207 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG153 Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department Brett Walker Brooklyn 62059 St. Clair Not Reported
SG164 Cahokia Volunteer Fire Department Roger Lourwood Cahokia 62206 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG194 Dupo Fire Protection District Kurt Johnson Dupo 62239 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG223 Fairmont City Fire Department Fairmont city 62201 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG274 Golden Garden Volunteer Fire Department Everette Temple Centreville 62205 St. Clair Not Reported
SG303 Lenzburg Fire Department Village Hall John Hoffman Lenzburg 62255 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG314 Marissa Volunteer Fire Protection District Kevin Leemon Marissa 62257 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG323 Mascoutah Fire Protection District Joseph Zinck Jr. Mascoutah 62258 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG383 O’Fallon Fire Department Gary Saunders, Jr. O’Fallon 62269 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG394 Prairie-Dupont Fire Protection District Aaron Hoock East Carondelet 62240 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG445 Smithton Volunteer Fire Co Inc Mike Schutzenhofer Smithton 62285 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG474 Villa Hills Fire Department Steven Allen Belleville 62223 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG482 Washington Park Fire Department Raymond Mix Washington Park 62201 St. Clair Not Compliant
SG523 O’Fallon-Shiloh Valley-Caseyville F David Little O’Fallon 62269 St. Clair Not Reported
SG546 Solutia W G Krummerick Plant Fire Department Mark Rensing Sauget 62206 St. Clair Not Reported
SH110 Cedarville FPD - McConnell Station Larry Rackow McConnell 61050 Stephenson Not Reported
SH163 German Valley Fire Protection District Duane Boomgarden German Valley 61039 Stephenson Not Reported
SH193 Pearl City Fire Department Brent Schneider Pearl City 610626200 Stephenson Not Compliant
SH213 Winslow Volunteer Fire Department Brian Oiffenderfer Winslow 61089 Stephenson Not Reported
TA234 Marquette Heights Fire Department Ron Smith Marquette Heights 61554 Tazewell Not Compliant
TA284 Schaeferville Fire Protection District Arron Schneblin Pekin 61554 Tazewell Not Reported
UA134 Cobden Volunteer Fire Department Jack Hankla Cobden 62920 Union Not Compliant
UA164 Alto Pass Fire Department Carlos Gurley Alto Pass 62905 Union Not Compliant
UA174 Ware-wolf Lake Fire Protection District Gary Harris Wolf Lake 62998 Union Not Compliant
VA112 Allerton Fire Protection District Allerton 61810 Vermilion Not Reported
VA134 Bismarck Community Fire Protection District Doug Hardy Bismarck 61814 Vermilion Not Compliant
VA144 Carroll Fire Protection District Ronald Hubbard Indianola 61850 Vermilion Not Compliant
VA153 Catlin Fire Protection District David Burt Catlin 61817 Vermilion Not Compliant
VA194 Fithian-Muncie-Collison Fire Protection District Phil Hoshauer Fithian 61844 Vermilion Not Compliant
VA234 Lynch Fire Protection District Scott Wedig Danville 61834 Vermilion Not Compliant
VA260 Rankin Fire Protection District - East Lynn Unit Phil Alt Rankin 60960 Vermilion Not Reported
WB148 Little York Fire Protection District Sean Adair Little York 61453 Warren Not Reported
WB173 Roseville Fire Protection District Darrell Page Roseville 61473 Warren Not Compliant
WC123 Ashley Fire Protection District John Boczek Dubois 62831 Washington Not Compliant
WF183 Albany Fire Protection District Leo Geerts Albany 61230 Whiteside Not Compliant
WF204 Tampico Rural Fire Protection District Brian Wetzell Tampico 61283 Whiteside Not Compliant
WG113 Beecher Fire Protection District David Lagesse Beecher 60401 Will Not Compliant
WG154 Crete Township Fire Protection District Jeffrey Panega Crete 60417 Will Not Compliant
WG164 Custer Township Volunteer Fire Department Rick Hall Custer Park 60481 Will Not Compliant
WG449 Exxon Mobil Oil Corp - Joliet Refinery Charles Snyder Joliet 60434 Will Not Reported
WH184 Hurst Fire Department Duke Woolsey Hurst 62949 Williamson Not Compliant
WJ134 Blackhawk Fire Protection District Harry Tallacksen Jr. Rockford 61102 Winnebago Not Compliant
WJ194 Northwest Fire Protection District Thomas Ragnar Rockford 61101 Winnebago Not Compliant
WJ200 Pecatonica Fire Protection District - Seward Unit Seward 61077 Winnebago Not Reported
WK113 Benson Community Fire Protection District Randy Koehler Benson 61516 Woodford Not Compliant
WK173 Metamora Community Fire Protection District Fred Glueck Metamora 61548 Woodford Not Compliant
WK193 Roanoke Fire Protection District Jeffery Smith Roanoke 61561 Woodford Not Compliant