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NFIRS Notice -- 01/30/14


The system maintenance scheduled for this morning, Thursday, January 30, 2014 is complete and all services are operational and available for use.

Thank you.
NFIRS Support Center


NFIRS Notice -- 10/16/13

NFIRS Reminder to all Illinois Fire Departments:

Any fire service or civilian casualty fire-related death must be reported to the OSFM NFIRS Division within 24 hours of the death. Please call (217-558-0324), fax (217-558-0330) or please click here to email our office with the name, sex, age, date of fire, date of death and FDID number. Follow up by completing the appropriate module (fire service or civilian casualty) in the NFIRS software.

NFIRS Notice from the State Program Manager

In a move to decrease the number of calls and emails received for basic NFIRS account restoration (passwords, inactivity, etc.), the NFIRS Division at the Illinois State Fire Marshal has created a calendar with basic guidelines on how to keep an NFIRS account current. It is the responsibility of every Illinois fire department to follow the following guidelines in order to prevent lock-out:

-NFIRS passwords must be changed every 89 days
-Accounts must be logged into every 29 days to avoid inactivity
-Passwords must have at least seven letters, one number and one character

We are asking all fire departments to print the attached NFIRS calendar and post at their fire department as a reminder.

2013 NFIRS Calendar [PDF, 126kb]

2014 NFIRS Calendar [PDF, 71kb]

New Password Notice! -- 3/7/13


Since the new password rules have been implemented, there has been some confusion as to what the actual requirements entail and more importantly, what the system will accept as a valid password.
Passwords should be at least 8 characters in length and contain letters, numbers and a special character.
The special characters accepted by the system are: ~ ! $ % ^ * ( ) - _ + = [ ] ; : . / < > Passwords are case sensitive.
Passwords may not begin with a number.

The following special characters/symbols can be used anywhere in your new password: ! $ % * ( - _ ~ = [ ] ; : . \ < >

The following special characters/symbols can only be used at the beginning of a password or within the password but not as the last character in your new password: +

The following special characters/symbols cannot be used at all in your new password: ^ & # @ { } | ?

Some examples of valid passwords:

Thank you,

NFIRS Support Center