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Illinois Fire Chiefs - Responsibilities, Mandates, and Resources

We have been working to improve communications and service to the Illinois Fire Departments. We have implemented several electronic initiatives over the last several months. The Public Web Page contains all announcements and relevant information for the Illinois Fire Service. http://www.sfm.illinois.gov/fireservice/

The following is program information you need to know.

Fire Investigation Act Information

Illinois fire chiefs need to be aware of the following facts concerning their duty to enforce fire codes within their jurisdictions as set forth under State law. Please see the following link for a full explanation. Municipality Notice Regarding Applicability of Life Safety Code [PDF, 91Kb]

Response to Emails and Letters regarding the State Fire Code

Fire Equipment Exchange Program

Links to the new Fire Equipment Exchange program will be found on the public web page. http://fireequipmentexchange.sfm.illinois.gov/

FD Mail System

The FD Mail System is a secure email system which provides an email address for each fire department in Illinois. All announcements are sent to this email address. All electronic correspondence from the agency to the Fire Service is sent to this email address.http://fdmail.sfm.illinois.gov/

Common Fire Department Database

The Common Fire Department Database is the central database which all agency programs use for contact information of all Illinois Fire Departments. Fire departments will be able to update this information through the PSE Web Update program. http://webapps.sfm.illinois.gov/FireDeptSearch/

PSE Web Update Program

The PSE Web Update Program has given fire departments access to our Personnel Service and Education system. They will be able to update information their contact information and rosters online. Trainers will be able will be able to search and request the following: Course Completion Rosters, Request for Examinations and Applications for Certification. Rosters can be exported in Excel format for your convenience. Reports will be available for Firefighter Courses and Classes. Trainers are able to print certifications online. Trainers will be issued unique login ids for this application. Fire Chiefs can request multiple training logins. Logins can be restricted depending on the needs of the individual departments. https://webapps.sfm.illinois.gov\commondbwebupdate

Fire Prevention Inspections

The Fire Prevention Division has implemented the Mobile-Eyes fire inspection application. This application captures inspection information using a tablet computer. Reports are generated electronically and sent to the fire departments using the FD Mail System. We have also developed a web form for agencies to submit requests for inspections.

NFIRS Reporting

Illinois Fire Departments are required by State Law to report all fire incidents to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). NFIRS is administered by the United States Fire Administration. Illinois Fire Departments are required to submit their data directly to USFA system. The USFA has an online version of the Date Entry Tool (DEBI). http://nfirs.fema.gov/webtools/ The State NFIRS program will also begin sending their correspondence electronically to the FD Mail System. A data warehouse of all the NFIRS data reported by the Illinois Fire Service has been developed. We will be able to do statistically report and analyze the fire incident data reported. We also implemented a new tracking system for NFIRS reporting and fire related fatalities. Please see http://www.sfm.illinois.gov/fireservice/nfirs.aspx for more information.

Technical Services Plan Reviews

The Technical Services Division is sending plan review documentation to the FD Mail System.

Fire chiefs can email our Help Desk to request an id and password. Please include your departments FDID number in the request.